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About Me

👋🏻 Ohai, I'm Stephy!

I am a versatile multimedia artist and an art psychotherapist who takes pride in supporting and guiding individuals experiencing various distressing emotions, emotional dysregulation, mental health diagnoses, and trauma to unpack, heal, and grow into their best version of themselves through art psychotherapy in a physical, psychological and emotionally safe space.


My past personal experience with my adverse childhood experiences, Dyslexia and ADHD, along with my clinical experience working with non-accidental injuries individuals, made it my calling to do advocacy work for vulnerable communities, especially with children.


Despite being a young therapist, Stephanie has the privilege of working with children and adolescents experiencing non-accidental injuries - such as suicidal ideation, self-harm behaviour, physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse, to various mental health disorders - in the acute Women's and Children's Hospital during her MA in Art Therapy programme. 


Upon graduation, Stephanie continues to see clients experiencing various forms of distressing emotions, mental health diagnoses and trauma—ranging from anxiety and depression to physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse, in her private practice. These experiences have influenced and inspired Stephanie’s belief in doing advocacy work for the vulnerable community, and this emerging field of art psychotherapy. 

Lastly, I value every session with my client as I appreciate and respect clients that are committed by just showing up for the session despite their life challenges. 


2020 - 2022

LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore

2015 - 2018

LASALLE College of the Arts Singapore

Master of Arts
Art Therapy

Bachelor of Arts
Design Communication

Professional Credential

Current - July 2024 


Professional Credential 

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