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I strongly believe we can only achieve our goal and be fully present once we are regulated healthily. 

When an individual is dysregulated, they may experience anger outbursts, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and other self-disruptive behaviours. Over time, this condition may interfere with the quality of life, social interactions, and relationships at home, work, or school.


I support and guide individuals experiencing various distressing emotions, emotional dysregulation, mental health diagnoses, and trauma to unpack, heal, and grow into their best version of themselves through art psychotherapy in a physical, psychological and emotionally safe space.

We're not ourselves when we get triggered; we become who we had to be to survive. So when we're constantly triggered, we can start to lose our identity because our values and personality get hijacked by our fight-or-flight survival mode.


Stephanie is a dependable individual who can be trusted to organize

her work and fulfil her duties independently. Despite being in a fast-paced and dynamic clinical environment, Stephanie has maintained a professional and approachable disposition within the team and with her patients. Stephanie was a valuable addition to the team during her placement, and I believe that she will also be an asset to your organization.

--- Clinical Supervisor (Senior Art Psychotherapist)


Stephanie has the sophisticated ability to maximize both the verbal and non-verbal components of this hybrid discipline to bring out the best in people, foster their creative self-expression, and sensitively challenge them to reach an overall sense of well-being.

I have been quite impressed with her ability to apply complex theory into an informed and meaningful art psychotherapy practice with well-developed therapeutic interventions that are appropriate to the particular client groups that she has engaged with thus far.

--- Programme Leader


Curious about Art Psychotherapy? Want to learn more about it? 


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I offer 3 possibilities of how we can work together - each tailored to your commitment and requirements. Find out which resonates with you most right now, and check them out.

1 on 1 

In-person sessions. 

1 on 1 

Online sessions. 


In-person sessions. 

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