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I want to humbly convey that all testimonials and reviews shared here have been obtained with the approval and consent of each individual involved.

So far I have found the sessions helpful in allowing me to explore and deal with experiences and emotions in my past and present better thru expressing it in art, where in the past I would have just ignored or suppressed my feelings. Useful tips were given on how to think about and manage my emotions that I am able to apply in daily life. I feel like my feelings and my journey have always been validated and I feel this was a very key part in my healing. I have also developed an interest in making art.


Individual Art Psychotherapy's Client 

During her placement, she conducted various individual and group-based art therapy sessions, including open studio sessions. She also worked on a project and developed a patient education video on art therapy.


Stephanie is a dependable individual who can be trusted to organize her work and fulfil her duties independently. Despite being in a fast-paced and dynamic clinical environment, Stephanie has maintained a professional and approachable disposition within the team and with her patients. Stephanie was a valuable addition to the team during her placement, and I believe that she will also be an asset to your organization.


Pearlyn Lee, AThR
Senior Art Therapist
Child Life, Art and Music Therapy Programmes (CHAMPs)

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Stephanie is very passionate and diligent about her job. During her time in the centre, she facilitated group “Art as Therapy” sessions efficiently and effectively. She has inspired many seniors to improve their mental wellness.

At Lions Befrienders, we emphasise person-centric care, and Stephanie has never failed to deliver. We have received positive feedback from seniors on her approach and work on Art Therapy. The seniors she served have shown progress in their overall wellbeing at the end of the therapy sessions. They emerged happier and more resilient.


Stephanie is a delight to work with and exceeded our expectations. I would not hesitate to engage her again.


Karen Wee
Acting Executive Director
Lions Befrienders Service Association (Singapore)

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